Crushing on my best friend’s man…

I have a crush on my best friend’s man. I’ve tried to behave myself, but one night the three of us got drunk at an event, and my friend’s boyfriend absolutely insisted I stay the night with them. Not only did we all sleep in the same bed, he initiated some “handcraft,” which I stupidly followed. Did I mention my best friend was in the same bed?

This situation has been repeated many times, and I don’t know how to stop it! How do I redirect my relationship with him before it’s too late?

Cynthia, Abuja


The Confessor Says:

I have a few words for you, my darling: Get the hell out of that bed!

If you don’t, The Confessor will commence some “handcraft” upside your head! Stop blubbering about “redirecting your relationship”with the man; show your friend the respect she deserves, tell her everything, and let her decide what to do with him. (But this can’t have happened that “many times” without her knowing, can it?)

Either way, do not ask to be forgiven. Instead, draw up a list of your personal standards and take control of your moral life. On the other hand if you can’t bring yourself to tell your friend then tell her man to stop it and stamp your foot down.

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