How do I end it with my wife’s cousin?

Dear Confessor,
I really need to talk to somebody so I guess you’re as good a person to talk to as anybody.
I’ve been having an affair with my wife’s cousin and I don’t know how to stop it. I don’t even know if I want to stop it.
She just turned 19 but it started when she was around 14 years old.
She came to stay with us after my wife delivered our second child and I have been taking care of her schooling and upkeep since then.
My wife is a very busy woman. I am myself but not as busy as she is at work. She tries her best to make time for me – personal time but most times she is tired.
How did it even start? I had seen her nakedness by accident once or twice like when I opened the bathroom door not knowing she was cleaning her body.
I wasn’t feeling very well one day and she turned into my nurse bringing me food and my drugs. I had grown fond of her and sometimes we would just gist like an uncle and niece would.
I think we were watching a movie and she was sitting beside me that day and slowly leaned on my body. I suddenly felt charged and noticed how her body was developing in certain places. I put my hand around her and we sat there for a while in each other’s comfortable.
We turned at each other the same time and reacted at the same time. Our clothes were on the floor before you could say Jack and my mouth was exploring parts of her body.
It was her first time. Afterwards it was our daily routine. My wife is a nurse and sometimes stays for night shifts and once the kids were tucked in properly, she would retire to my room and we would have each other till morning.
She is in the University now and I’m paying for it. My wife wants her to go from home.
I’ve asked her about getting a boyfriend but she insists I’m all she is interested in for now. I know what I’m doing isn’t right but I just can get over her. She can’t get over me too.
What do I do?

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