How my flat mate’s wife lured me from the bathroom

I live in a three bedrooms apartment with a married couple. They used to stay in all three rooms but maybe couldn’t afford it so the landlord rented out two rooms to them and one to me.

I’m a student at the state owned university butvmy parents stay in Lagos.

I live very cordially with my neighbors. The husband is a sales representative for a publishing company and travels a lot. Most times when he is around, we share a bottle or beer and he relives his old school stories with me.

It started some time last month. My neighbor’s wife have developed the habit of taking her bath with the bathroom door open. Most times when I pass, I’ll see her very curvy body dripping with water.

I always force myself to look away. I noticed she does this whenever I was in the house but she doesn’t do it when her husband is around.

That day I was walking past and saw her as usual taking her bath. I had just watched a movie that had a romantic side and I was feeling a bit horny.

I stood there staring at her body that I didn’t notice when she turned around. She was laughing as she looked at me while caressing her body as the water from the shower ran down over her.

It was breathtaking.

“Come now,” she said giggling.

I walked like a robot fully dressed into the shower. My hardness was pushing through my boxers and she released it from its entrapment.

My mouth closed over hers as my hands clasped her full breasts and squeezed them as she moaned.

I swung her around roughly and dived in from behind shoving her against the bathroom wall as I rimmed harder and harder into her wetness.

Her hands reached back and pulled me deeper into her as she gasped and moaned and I groaned as I thrust harder into her.

I laid her on the tiled floor of the bathroom with the shower beating down on us and went into her from the front handing her legs over my shoulders for deeper penetration.

I really used her rough and she enjoyed every second of it.

It has become a very regular thing with us since that day and now she doesn’t have to wait to be in the bathroom, she comes straight to my bedroom.

Her husband doesn’t suspect a thing but I feel guilty every time I hang out with him and I have started giving excuses to minimize the number of times I spend with him.

I want to stop but whenever I see her, I lose my senses and I just cannot have enough of her.

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