Between Ifedioku and Susan of the Johnson’s Family who rocks the most?

For a long time now, two female models have been setting the internet on fire with their stunning pictures. Susan Pwajok and Klara Kanu, more popularly known as Ifedioku, are two very beautiful models that most Nigerians seem to be very much interested in.

But what sets Ifedioku and Susan Pwajok from other female model? Aren’t they all female models? Truly they are all female models but the class in which these two models exist is very much far from the regular others. One thing that sets them apart is their frequent exposure to the internet space. Pwajok for example is an actress best known for her role in the Johnsons family drama while Ifedioku recently came into the limelight as the beautiful girl who doesn’t wear makeup. These regular exposure to the limelight keeps them there and that is why they are always trending.


A model, a photographer and a brand influencer are some of the things Klara Kanu is best known as. Ifedioku, which is also her more popular name, gained immense popularity during the last months because of her somewhat rare ability to do away with makeup and still look absolutely stunning in the process. With a tanned body and an overwhelming height balanced by a really nice body, Ifedioku might just be the Queen of the model world.

With followers of about 200 thousand on Instagram alone, Ifedioku has lots of fans and she has used these attention to earn. Have you ever wondered why she is always trending? Her stunning pictures are obviously the reason.

Treat yourself to some of her stunning pictures below:

Susan Pwajok

Susan Pwajok is best known as the popular actress who starred as the little “Blessing” in the Africa Magic sitcom series, the Johnsons. However she is more than just an actress, she is also a model.

She has her own fair share of the spotlight owing to her polularity among Nigerian movie fans but that is not just the reason, her stunning pictures are also among the list of reasons why Susan Pwajok trends ever so much on the internet.

Here are some of her lovely pictures:

Who rocks better between these two female models: Ifedioku or Susan Pwajok? Tell us your answer in the comments section.

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