Man Weeps Profusely After Finding Out His Wife Has Been Sleeping With Her Doctor For 10 Years

A man has taken to social media to lament after discovering that his wife has been sleeping with her doctor.

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A Nigerian man has been left devastated after finding out his wife of 10 years has been sleeping with Doctor in a hospital where she always goes to for antenatal. According to the man whenever his wife is pregnant, she insists on a particular hospital and Doctor, not knowing she has been sleeping with him all the while. 

They have two kids and she is currently pregnant with their third child. He has sent her packing and has subjected his 2 children to DNA test and is awaiting result. For him, the only regrets he has is that he has invested so much in the family; has been spending on his mother-in-law’s health, bought a new car for his brother-in-law which he uses as a cab and sent his wife to University of Calabar after marrying her. Read full story below… 

“Goodevening Steve. I want to really thank you for the great effort you are putting to make things work in this group. May God bless you.I am a bonafide member of this group for years now, but right now, am not a happy man.

I got married to the mother of my three kids in 2010. Believe me when I say am not a wayward husband. my family is life and I wasn’t going to let anything come between us.

Now, on the other hand, I practically used my hard earned money to send my wife to the university of CALABAR because that is where we are residing now.

The mistake I ever made was to trust her. Sir, if you see my wife, you will never believe she talks. She appear so calm and reserve, but I didn’t know she was just a big serpent. I gave my wife the best that life can offer. What I don’t give her is what she doesn’t ask.

Like I said, am not a wayward husband. Ever since we got married, I have taken her to Dubai for shopping twice.

Am not trying to blow my own trumpet, but am just trying to say that I have been keeping to my own end as a responsible man.

When she took in with our first baby which am now doubting if am really the his father, she was the one that chose the hospital she wanted to register for her antenatal. My own was just to provide the money. Now up till this moment, it is baffles me how my wife is having sex with a doctor in that hospital and I didn’t know of it.

Honestly, if not that she is pregnant now, maybe I would have bitten her to death two weeks ago after I found out that the reason she is always running to the doctor is because of their evil deeds. The reason I sent you these pictures of them together, is for you to know that I did my investigations well.

How can a man who calls himself a doctor be sleeping with a pregnant woman?

I have never denied this whore of a wife my body. Even when I return tired from work, I still perform my duty. Anyway, I don’t want any problem that is why I threw her and the bastard she is Carrying out of my house same last week.

Right now, my parents and siblings have already been notified.

As for the two kids at home, I will run a DNA test on them, if they are truly my children, I will keep them, but If they are not, I Will call their mother’s people to come and take them away from my house. This woman has plugged a dagger through my heart.

I have seen it all when it comes to woman. Am not seeking for any advice, because no amount of tears, plead, can make me change my decision.

Let the devil who pushed her into it like she said, keep her for himself.

The only regret am having now, is that I have really spent so much money in her family. I personally brought his brother to CALABAR, bought him a car that he is using today as a Cab. Not mentioning the monies I have spent in her mother’s health. I don’t know why life should be so unfair to me.

Am not a happy man now, but I know I will be fine to the glory of GOD. As for the idiot of a doctor who is sleeping with her, he will know am not a man hw can step on this toes and go free. For now, l just want to be healed before I know my next line of action.

Please you can feel free to post this writeup together with the pictures I sent you if you so wish, I dont care.”

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