Why I’m not yet married – Flavour

Nigerian artist Chinedu Okoli popularly known as Flavour N’abania has broken his silence on why he is still single and yet to get married.

In an Instagram Live session with his fans, Flavour disclosed that he is still single because most Nigerian ladies deceive men with waist trainers and edited photos on social media. According to him, it makes it difficult for him to identify a real woman.

“This has been a time of sober reflection. I have been vulnerable and I have decided to be true to myself. I have been a victim of circumstance. Most times, they (women) are not what you expect when you meet them in real life. I am focused now.

If I visit your (social media) page and see a lot of edited pictures, I would move out. The corona-virus and everything else that have happened this year has opened my eyes. The same way youths decided to protest against bad governance was the same way I looked at my life.

I have been womanless for a month. I am fully awake. I must have a meeting and see you (any woman I would be involved with) very well. I may glance through your pictures but that won’t mean anything until I see you physically.


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