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Help! I’m sleeping with my best friend’s mother and my girlfriend just found out

Efizzy good day,

Please, I am in trouble and I need some advice from you. I am a young man in my mid twenties.

I wont use any names please. My best friend is from a very wealthy family. His mother has a lot of money and his father is dead.

She is a very beautiful woman too and you may not even notice that she is almost three times my age. Her figure and frame are just too tempting.

I always visited them to see my friend. I was an accepted face Ithe house. Sometimes I could come and stay alone I. My friend’s room and play games or use his laptop to throw work.

One day when I was there and my friend wasn’t at home, I heard a shout from the kitchen.

I rushed there and saw his mother holding her hand. She accidentally cut her hand with a glass. I quickly helped her to wash away the blood and cleaned up the wound until it stopped bleeding.

That day we became much closer.

Another day I was there and hear her crying in the sitting room. I went to her to ask what the matter was. She had just broken up with her boyfriend and it had hurt her.

I offered a shoulder to lean on but before we knew what was happening, she took more than just the shoulder.

We were soon kissing passionately and we soon found ourselves in her bedroom minus our clothes.

She was very fierce and I barely managed to meet her drive. Her breasts were surprisingly very full and inviting.

That was how it started. We started meeting at hotels outside the city. She would pick me up and we’ll drive out of town and spend the whole day in each other’s arms.

With her I didn’t need to use protection. It was more enjoyable raw than cocooned in a rubber tube. Her wetness could drive any man crazy.

I stopped spending quality time with my girlfriend. I barely touched her recently and she started complaining.

She was coming to my house one day with a drop, when she saw my friend’s mother picking me up. She trailed up to the hotel and confirmed we went in.

The next day when she came, she accused me of cheating on her with an old woman. She threatened to tell my friend unless I broke off the relationship with my friend’s mother.

To tell you the truth, I don’t know if I can. She’s probably three times my age but I’m in love with her. I don’t care about my girlfriend any more. My only concern is how my friend will feel if he hears this.

How do I handle this matter? Please help.

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