No public funds to loot – APC mocks PDP for owing staff

The All Progressives Congress (APC) has expressed shock that the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) was owing entitlements of its national secretariat staff.

The party said this was despite billions of Naira generated from the sales of nomination forms during the 2019 general elections and the recent in Edo and Ondo governorship polls.

In a statement on Sunday, APC spokesman, Yekini Nabena, stressed that if a political platform is not capable of running its main office, such has no business in governance.

He told Nigerians to thank their stars that the PDP is no longer controlling the federal government.

“Our current intervention is in respect of some Nigerians working at the National Secretariat of the PDP but got sacked illegally recently. The number of staff sacked amounts to 50%. The sacked staff have already dragged the PDP to the National Industrial Court in the suit no. NIC/ABJ/260/2020.

“It will amount to wickedness and lack of empathy for the dying PDP to continue to deny the staff what legally belongs to them. PDP should rather close shop, bearing in mind the popular saying that “the labourers deserve their wages.”

APC accused the PDP of resorting to threats against its own staff who had diligently worked for the party.

“We are reliably informed that for three years since the PDP lost power at the centre, staff have also not been paid their Housing Allowances, leading to over 50% of them entrapped in litigations with their various landlords.

“Over 20% have their properties thrown out of their living apartments following which some of them resorted to sleeping in the Churches and or squatting with friends and relatives. Some have even sent their family members back to their villages.”

Nabena noted that situation got worse since many PDP leaders no longer have easy access to public funds.

APC appealed to the PDP to show compassion “because these staffers are Nigerians. Their entitlements should be paid, including those that have been illegally sacked.”

The ruling party urged the court to do justice to cases involving the aggrieved workers.

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