2023: Nnamdi Kanu accuses Ohaneze of betraying Southeast, hints on ‘Nigeria begging for Igbo presidency’

Nnamdi Kanu, leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra, has accused the President General of the Ohanaeze Ndigbo, Nnia Nwodo of betraying the Southeast.

He made the allegations while hinting on strategies the Southeast could use in making Nigeria beg for Igbo presidency.

Kanu claimed Nigerians would beg for Igbo presidency if the Southeast supports IPOB’s push for secession.

The IPOB leader’s comments are contained in a statement issued on Tuesday.

According to Kanu: “Shameless crying babies. Somebody should remind the Efulefus clamouring for ‘Igbo presidency’ that power is not given, it is taken. This is elementary politics. Even a basic idiot understand this doctrine.

“Had the cowardly Igbo brigade led by the grand traitor Nnia Nwodo supported our IPOB led agitations for a separate homeland for Biafran people, by now Nigerians and their British controllers will be kneeling and begging Igbo people to take the Presidency.

“They would be falling over themselves and pleading with Igbo governors to mediate and beg their people to stop their agitation the same way they begged Afenifere and Yoruba political class in 1999.”

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