Why I support Senator Ifeanyi Araraume – Kingsley Madu Okoroji

Mr Kingsley Madu

Malaysia based businessman and philanthropist, Mr. Kingsley Madu Okoroji, have revealed why his support for Senator Ifeanyi Araraume’s return to the Nigerian Senate has remained strong.

Speaking with our correspondent in a telephone chat, Mr. Okoroji expressed his support for Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, and further gave reasons for his support.

“I look at experience as my key reason for giving Senator Ifeanyi Araraume my support,” Mr. Okoroji said. “Looking at everybody that have come out to contest for the seat, yes they are all qualified by the Nigerian constitution, even myself, I am very qualified to contest. But the issue isn’t being qualified because the constitution says anybody with School Cert can contest, the real issue is ability to deliver the goods. That is where Araraume stands taller than them all, and that is why he is what the people of Okigwe and by extension, Imo State need at this moment in time.

“Okigwe have been absent in national matters for so long, since the unfortunate demise of Senator Benjamin Uwajumogu. Nobody has been defending issues that concerns Okigwe since last year December, almost a year. We have lost so much time. Are we going to send learners to Abuja at this critical time, or are we going to send somebody who does not need any further schooling when he gets to Abuja?

“I don’t know how people reason. I am a practical person. I don’t reason based on sentiments. I stand on facts. I don’t believe in fiction neither do I carry out my decisions based on emotions or sentiments. If your father is sick, you won’t allow a student doctor to attend to him when there is a consultant available to you. You can’t let an apprentice mechanic dive into the engine of your Range Rover when the Chief engineer is around. Why then would you want learners to represent Okigwe when we have somebody capable of going there, and recovering all we have lost?”

Okoroji used the opportunity, to warn alien elements, that have been plotting to subvert the choice of the people of Okigwe, to stay clear.

“We are talking about the good of Okigwe here. Okigwe ri nma, Imo arikwa nma. Nobody should come and try to subvert the choice of the people, because of their own personal political reasons.”

Senator Ifeanyi Araraume was listed as the candidate of the APC, in the forthcoming Okigwe Senate Bye-Election.

Attempts had been made to install Frank Ibezim as candidate, but the court had overturned the plot, and declared Araraume as the authentic winner of the Okigwe APC primaries.

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