Araraume: Win or Lose, Hope Uzodinma is in Trouble

No matter the outcome of the Okigwe Senate bye election, Senator Hope Uzodinma would be faced with a very serious problem, a problem he created for himself.

In the event that he manages to weather the storms of Philip Umeadi SAN, who is seeking to kick him out through the same Supreme Court that brought him in, the outcome of the Senate byelection, remains a loss-loss for Uzodinma.

One of Uzodinma’s biggest mistakes since his assumption of the governorship position of the state, was to go against the hands that fed him. He went after those, on whose shoulders, he got into power. He created enemies for himself; enemies he didn’t need at this early stage of his regime, which may be cut short, if the Supreme Court doesn’t pull off another magic in broad daylight.

That’s the reason why people should always be careful, because nobody knows tomorrow. 

Who could have warned Uzodinma of COVID-19, or how fatal it would be to his backbone in Aso Rock? If he could see the future before Abba’s unfortunate demise, he would probably have postponed his plans of getting into the ring with two of Imo strongest; Senators Rochas Okorocha and Ifeanyi Araraume.

Let us be clear here, that as much as Okorocha is an ex-governor, and generally disliked by his people, he still has a structure of loyal followers across the state. Araraume on the other hand have shown capacity over and over again. He singlehandedly delivered the six Local Governments of Okigwe to APGA, and despite the removal of Chiji Collins over suspected ties to Araraume, all other State Assembly members from Okigwe zone, owe loyalty first to Araraume before the governor. When the chips are down…

Uzodinma by his own confession, had no structure and only came through the Ben Johnson way, a manoeuvre that failed Ibezim.

Since 1999, Araraume has remained a reoccurring decimal in the affairs of the state.

I don’t work for him, neither can I vote for him as I am from Owerri zone, but I still admire one thing about him, his ability to fight to the end, even when all hope seems lost.

Some people thought he would have given up when Frank Ibezim was anointed by Uzodinma, in connivance with Emeka Nwajiuba, but when I saw a section of those who came from Abuja for the primaries declaring Araraume as winner, I knew that Uzodinma had lost hold of the party.

Today, Araraume has kicked out Uzodinma’s stooge, and is marching into the election.

Interestingly, Araraume played the same music for former governor Achike Udenwa, who despite being governor, lost hold of the party and by extension, the state to Araraume.

Today, he has played verse one for Uzodinma, and the governor hasn’t yet realized that no matter how this story ends, he is in a world of trouble.

As Trumpeta Newspaper rightly said, Uzodinma is confused over what to do in Okigwe.

Supporting a candidate of another party against his party’s candidate, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, means Uzodinma would be committing anti-party offenses, which will not make him look good with the party at the national, other APC governors, as well as with the presidency. Clearly, he is putting his own personal interests over the interests of the party and the presidency, who needs more Senators and Federal Representatives than it needs governors. 

If Araraume should lose, because of anti-party activities on the part of Uzodinma, then Uzodinma would best start thinking of defecting to that party he supported it’s candidate to the election. APGA would have my vote, if he were to defect because there’s no space for him to get the PDP governorship ticket in 2023.

On the other hand, if Senator Ifeanyi Araraume wins without the support of the governor of his party, then Uzodinma should get ready to battle for the governorship ticket of the party in 2023, and Araraume will get it from him.

With Senator Rochas Okorocha in full control of the party in the state, there is no way Uzodinma will get that ticket. He, like the Obaseki he failed to remove, will share the same fate.

But unlike Obaseki, he wouldn’t have the support of the people, as he is already losing the few he managed to get like Nzekwe by the day, with his non payment of pensions and salaries.

Interestingly, Araraume would not have been interested in Uzodinma’s ticket, if Uzodinma had accepted the hand of friendship Araraume offered him at the beginning of his administration. 

Araraume wasn’t interested in governorship again. He cleared wanted to represent his people in the Senate, and even though he didn’t need the governor’s support or weight to execute the election, he didn’t want the governor to be against him. Unfortunately, Uzodinma on his own chose to come against him. That’s what wrong advise and counsel can cause.

These same advisers will dump Uzodinma for Araraume when the chips are down. Haven’t they already started? I’m counting four powerful ones already. More to follow.

If Araraume loses, Uzodinma would be blamed. It could cost him his ticket in 2023 as the Federal may turn their backs to him for costing them a Senate seat because of his personal interests.

If Araraume wins, Hope Uzodinma is still in trouble, as he would have two very powerful senators making life very miserable for him. Two powerful senators that can cost him the ticket of the party in 2023.

I wont hold my Hopes up for a Hope Uzodinma APC candidacy in 2023.

But all this becomes relevant, if he manages to escape Umeadi who is doing one corner.

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