Video: Hope Uzodinma worked for PDP in the Okigwe Senate Bye-election – Araraume

The disputed Senate candidate of the All Progressives Congress APC, in the Okigwe Senate Bye-election, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, have come out to accuse the Imo State Govenror, Senator Hope Uzodinma, of anti party activities.

In a video interview he granted a major TV channel in the country (Video attached below), Araraume accused Uzodinma of instructing his supporters to work for the Peoples Democratic Party PDP.

Araraume accused Uzodinma of anti party activities, pointing out that Uzodinma’s appointments, since he became Govenror, had been to PDP members.

He stated that Uzodinma had shunned the APC members in everything.

Araraume further reminded Uzodinma that he failed the APC Govenroship primaries, and frowned at the statement made by Hope Uzodinma at a campaign rally organized for Frank Ibezim, where Uzodinma claimed the court judgement that sacked Ibezim and put Araraume as candidate of the party, was obtained from a local market, Ekeonuwa.

Araraume reminded Uzodinma that he was a product of the courts, coming from the fourth to become the first. He expressed displeasure at Uzodinma’s attitude towards the same judicial system that installed him.

Araraume called on the National Body of the party to sanction Hope Uzodinma, for his anti party activities.

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