2023: Why Tinubu Cannot Sell – APC Spokesman

The Southwest zonal spokesman of the All Progressives Congress, APC, Hon. Karounwi Oladapo has articulated three reasons in his view why the national leader of the party Asiwaju Bola Tinubu cannot sell as its 2023 presidential candidate.

Oladipo, a former deputy Speaker of the Ekiti State House of Assembly gave age, religion and his preference for an Ekiti nominee for his opposition to Tinubu’s assumed presidential bid.

He said that presenting Tinubu as the APC’s 2023 presidential candidate would be dangerous for the stability of the country.

Oladipo spoke in an interview with Sunday Vanguard while giving reasons why the National Leader of the APC should not be considered for the presidential ticket of the party.

He said:

“Our national leader, highly respected Senator Ahmed Tinubu, I love him because he has paid his due but the fact remains that by 2023 he will be above 70 years of age.

“I cannot in all good conscience support that even if my father or my mother is contesting for President and they are above 70 by 2023 I will not support them.

Dr Kayode Fayemi that I am advocating for is 55 years of age, a senior youth within the bracket of the ‘sorosoke’ generation’s request, that is number one.

Giving his second reason why Tinubu cannot sell, he said:

“When you look at the presidential arrangement of Nigeria, whether by design or default or coincidence If you look at it from 1999, you will see that we had Obasanjo, a Christian President by religion from the South. After Obasanjo, power shifted to Yar’Adua, a Muslim from the North and power again shifted to a Christian Jonathan from the South before power again moved to Buhari, a northern Muslim.

“By reasoning, one would naturally want to deduce that the next President should be a Christian southerner.

“Senator Bola Ahmed Tinubu is a Muslim and that is No No. Muslims have not succeeded themselves by the analysis I made of the Nigerian history.

“Fayemi is a Christian from the South and the crown fits him. But if I support Tinubu, some people will tell me that Nigeria is dominated by Christians and Muslims, and divided on the basis of North and South; on account of South, Tinubu is qualified but on religion a Muslim is spending eight years now, are you saying another Muslim will continue?

“No, in fact the stability of Nigeria will be threatened. You cannot market a 70-year-old and above in Nigeria for the presidency and expect it to sell.

Giving his third reason why in his view, Tinubu cannot sell, he said:

“I am an Ekiti person. When you look at the prominent positions occupied by South-West states at the national level over the years, it is only Ekiti that history has nothing to record for. Ogun has produced President, Vice President, presidential candidate and vice presidential candidate, Oyo has produced leader of Senate, Lagos has the current Speaker of the House of Representatives, Osun produced the National Chairman of AD, AC, ACN and APC while Ondo produced the presidential candidate of AD/APP; it is only Ekiti State that is left behind and I must say that our state is not an appendage of any other state.

“This time we are ready to make a mark. Even if Governor Kayode Fayemi is not contesting, I Karounwi Okadapo, will contest against whoever shows up in APC and even if I don’t win, it will be on record that an Ekiti man contested the presidential seat.”

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