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US: Trump’s aides, Vice President Mike Pence shun President’s send-off ceremony

Vice President, Mike Pence and former House officials are shunning President Donald Trump’s departure ceremony, CNN reports.

The ex-administration officials invited for the ceremony are taking a pass, some due to their disgust with the outgoing President.

According to the report, most of the ex-aides cited the attack on the US Capitol, saying their former principal crossed the red line by inciting his mob.

“Is there a disappointment factor, yes!” said one former senior White House official to CNN.

And a senior White House adviser added, “Sending the mob was a red line.”

“He has eviscerated his legacy,” said another senior White House adviser.

In what he described as a sign of desperation, CNN quoted another former senior White House official as saying that invitees can bring five guests.

Also, Mike Pence’s public schedule indicates that he won’t be attending Trump’s departure ceremony tomorrow.

The VP Pence blamed the logistical challenge for this as he won’t be able to attend both the departure ceremony and participate in Joe Biden’s inauguration at the same time

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