Dangote’s ‘Ex-Mistress’ Sued Over Leaked Video

The lady at the centre of the leaked video which exposed the butt of Africa’s richest man, Aliko Dangote has been sued for $30,000 over the leaked video. The lady, Autumn Spikes who claims to be Dangote’s ex-mistress has, however, warned that the suit could further bring out more details about what she claims to be an eight year affair.

The suit was filed in an American court in Miami, Florida.

The civil lawsuit was filed under the pseudonym John Doe. The name also has an alias that says ‘DA’, which appeared presumably as initials for Aliko Dangote.

However, the woman said the lawsuit could further expose the intimate details of the billion’s relationship with his estranged mistress.

The supposed Dangote’s ex-mistress went on social media to expose the lawsuit and threaten Mr. Dangote that he had taken the wrong turn by making the case public, indicating that the billionaire risked having additional embarrassing information about him published on the Internet as part of the suit.

Already, the woman claimed Mr. Dangote had offered to pay her for her silence, an arrangement she rejected before the billionaire filed the suit.

The woman claimed she was in a relationship with Dangote for nine years without a non-disclosure agreement to gag her from publicly commenting on the affair.

A spokesman for Mr. Dangote did not immediately return a request seeking comments about the case on Sunday evening.

Using a handle, Allarounda1 on Instagram, the woman posted a video of herself and Mr. Dangote on a couch inside what appeared to be a luxury yacht on January 1. It was unclear in which country the yacht was sailing when the mistress shot the video, but it showed Mr. Dangote drapped himself in an orange blanket while fiddling with his mobile phone amidst clearly exposed buttocks.

The supposed Dangote’s ex-mistress also posted pictures of Mr. Dangote alighting from a luxury plane in a private hanger, describing herself repeatedly as a ‘ForbesListSugarBabe’ in apparent reference to her lover’s status amongst an elite list of world’s billionaires.

The raunchy images were later deleted by the woman, claiming she had been flooded with requests from bloggers to comment further on her affairs with Mr. Dangote. She also rejected claims that she took her affair with Mr. Dangote to social media to chase undue fame.

In follow up updates, she said she was trying to clean Mr. Dangote’s name from the mess earlier created by Bea Lewis, who described herself as a restaurant operator in the United States.

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