Hon Henry Nwawuba: Facts behind the kudos

Recently, the social media space and informal grapevine channels have been awash with commendations on the Hon Member representing Mbatoili/Ikeduru Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba who they described as a catalyst for development because of the numerous projects he has attracted to the constituency.

As a responsible and unbiased outfit, we decided to carry out an independent verification of these claims and our findings are:

  1. First of all, it is worthy of note that Hon Nwawuba’s critics have shifted from their previous narratives of him not bringing projects to the constituency to now acknowledging that projects are actually being executed in the constituency due to his intervention. The narrative now in a marked reversal of their previous negative mindset is that he is providing “Quality Representation” to use the language of one of his critics.

Our on the spot assessment have revealed that the 69 projects Hon Nwawuba have so far attracted to the constituency since 2015 spanning from roads, schools, electricity projects, skill acquisition centers, women and youth empowerment, water projects, rural electrification, transformers, health centres, town halls, etc have been executed by 69 different contractors!

  1. Our investigations have also unearthed the fact that members of the National Assembly can only make recommendations of the needs of their constituencies and DO NOT PARTICIPATE in the actual procurement process. Such projects are tendered and advertized and competitive bids submitted with the most qualified chosen as stipulated in our Procurement Act. An Hon. member’s role is therefore to lobby to ensure his constituency is not left behind in the distribution of national projects.
  2. Seeing that the struggle to locate federal projects is a fierce contest among 360 members representing 360 federal constituencies nationwide, Hon Nwawuba deserves special praise for using his contacts and vast network to attract these number of projects to his constituency. He has indeed raised the bar on effective representation.
  3. We have since discovered that his critics have been stunned to silence by the sheer level of development unleashed in MBAIKE. If any dissenting voice remains then it must be fueled by anxieties towards cold calculations for the 2023 elections which are still more than two years away.

Reacting to our reporters when we contacted him for comments, Hon. Nwawuba said “…I accept criticisms because they keep me focused on delivering on the mandate freely given to me by ALL the people of MBAIKE irrespective of party affiliation…”
He further stated that “MBAIKE remains focussed in rallying round me to attract more projects” They continue to show me too much love and strong support. They should EXPECT MORE”!!!

In conclusion, Hon. Nwawuba deserves Kudos all the way. Rather than vilify a leader who has proven times without number that he represents all irrespective of status or political affiliation, MBAIKE people should ignore irritants and continue to provide the bedrock of support needed to achieve even more.

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