Nwawuba attracts projects, he doesn’t build them

In reaction to a recent attempt to discredit the good efforts of Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, by a group of people, believed to either be acting out of misinformation and ignorance, or sponsored by some desperate political elements, with their eyes set on 2023, but who do not understand the working of the National Assembly, MaaziTV, after our findings, have decided to clear the air on the issue of projects attracted by lawmakers to their people.

We must understand that there is a divide, between attracting a project and executing it.

The business of attracting any project to the people, is a very difficult task.

A lot of lawmakers from all over the country, are fighting to have as much as they can get, from the scarce resources available to the National Assembly, from the Federal Government.

Any lawmaker, who attracts any project to his people, should be appreciated and not attacked, as there are others, who have not been able to attract anythjng to their people, because they do not understand the workings of the National Assembly, and left out in the sharing of projects.

Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, is one of the few, who have doggedly ensured that his people are not left out in the sharing of projects, and as much as possible, have always ensured that he gets as much as any other lawmaker can get, for his people.

Nwawuba, like every other lawmaker in the National Assembly, makes his requests and proposals for projects, and attracts those projects in line with the Federal Government approved budget.

All the road projects and others, in every MDA in Nigeria, are approved and done through a bidding process, which Nwawuba does not determine who wins the bidding of these projects.

Of every project awarded, the Federal Government deducts 7.5% as VAT which is about N2,475,000, and a further 5% as TAX which is about N1,650,000, is also deducted from the total project amount.

The Bill 1 is deducted with the ministry and retention withheld.

Thereafter, the Federal Government usually mark-up a 30% profit for the contractor, which all gives you the actual amount now available for the project and this is not controlled by any lawmaker, whether it is a project attracted by you or not.

Note also that most of these contractors, aren’t even mobilized by the MDAs, and borrow money sometimes at high interest rates, to execute the projects while waiting to be paid for work done.

The job of the Federal Representative, is to fight to get those projects approved. Afterwards, it is out of his hands over who builds the projects, and how payments are made.

Further investigation by MaaziTV, into the school block in question, for which Nwawuba was being attacked by either misinformed people, who didn’t understand how the National Aseembly works, and how projects are awarded, or who deliberately try to create confusion through lies for their selfish interests, we discovered that the company that built the school block, have yet to receive a kobo from the Projects Development Agency, PRODA, which awarded and supervised the contract for the project.

Nwawuba has the duty, of ensuring that his people are not left out in the sharing process, and is working assiduously, to ensure that a lot more projects are attracted to the people of MBAIKE, and not just to Orodo his community.

Nwawuba represents the entire people of the Federal Constituency, regardless of party affiliations, Local Government or community, and whatever he attracts from the scarce resources available from the Federal Government Approved Budget, must be shared as evenly as possible amongst the entire communities in the MBAIKE.

Nwawuba, have demonstrated an exceptionally commendable level of representation to his people, ensuring they are not left behind in the attraction of projects to them.

To get clarity on projects, the members of the community, should have approached PRODA to clarify to them about the projects. He would have found out that the agency only funded One classroom block, claiming insufficient funding from the Federal Government, rather than trying to be used against Nwawuba, by desperate politicians, who would not be able to perform when put in same position.

It’s always worthy of note, that various constituencies may get more than others in the sharing of projects from the Federal Government budget for the National Assembly. Also, a legislator in a lucrative committee, may tend to attract more to his people than others, and usually such lucrative positions are usually reserved for members in the ruling party.

A brief rundown of projects he has already attracted to MBAIKE includes the following;

  1. The installation of a solar powered borehole system at Nneise, Ugirike in Ikeduru.
  2. The Water shed and erosion control work going on at Aboh/Avuvu/Uzoagba Road in Ikeduru
  3. The Construction of Classroom block at Inyishi Technical College in Ikeduru.
  4. The Renovation of Classroom block at Uzoagba Central School in Ikeduru.
  5. The Installation of Solar Powered Street Lights in several places in Atta 1 and 2, Amatta and Avuvu in Ikeduru LGA.
  6. The Renovation of Classroom block at Comprehensive Secondary School, Ogbaku in Mbaitoli LGA.
  7. Ongoing Continuation of Construction work on Akabo/Amankuta/Orie Mbieri road, attracted by Rt. Hon. Bethel Amadi.
  8. Construction of Health center in Ugirike, Ikeduru.
  9. Establishment of Youth Farm at Umueze Uzoagba, Ikeduru and Donation of 500 bags of Poultry Feeds, 2000 Fingerlings and Start up Operational fund.
  10. Construction of a Block of open Stalls at Orie Amakohia, Ikeduru.
  11. Procurement and Installation of 500KVA/33 Transformers in the following Communities, Owubinubi Amakohia Ikeduru, Obokwe Mbieri, Okwu Orodo, Amaukwu, AHABA, OFEKATA, Odunmara, Eziome Mbieri, Umuokparafor Umunoha.
  12. Energizing of Umuoziri Inyishi Transformer, Afor Lolo.
  13. Donation of 500KVA/33 Transformer to Umuoziri Inyishi and Umueze Amaimo, Ikeduru LGA.
  14. Construction of Solar powered borehole and VIP toilet, beside old Post office, Afor otusi, Alaenyi Ogwa.
  15. Construction of Solar Powered borehole and VIP toilet at Orie Ogbaku, Mbaitoli LGA.
  16. Renovation of Ihitte Mbieri Health center.
  17. Renovation of Amaukwu Orodo Town Hall.
  18. Renovation of Classroom blocks at Community and Primary school, Amaukwu Orodo, respectively.
  19. Installation of Hand pump at Eziama Obiato/Ukwu Orji.
  20. Construction of oil mill and Cassava processing plant at Ekwereazu Ogwa.
  21. Rehabilitation of Okpuala Ogbaku water borehole.
  22. Renovation of the Exam Hall of Community Secondary School, Mbieri.
  23. Installation of Hand pump at Ahia ututu Ifakala.
  24. Construction of 40 Open Stalls at Ahia ututu daily Market, Ifakala.
  25. Restoration of Nsokpo Ogbaku Electricity.
  26. Ongoing construction of Nsokpo Ogbaku/Ifakala/Nwaorieubi road.
  27. Ongoing construction of Orie Ogbaku/Obibi/Agwa road.
  28. Installation of 40pcs Solar powered Street Lights at various Locations in Ogbaku.
  29. Installation of Solar Powered Street Lights at, Eziome, Umuduru Mbieri, Amaukwu Orodo, Ofekata n Nkwo Orodo, respectively.
  30. Construction of Borehole and Dispensary at Orie Mbieri.
  31. Construction of Classroom blocks at Community School, Ubaha Orodo.
  32. Ongoing construction of Oil Mill at Oburu Umuoparanyanwu, Ishi Ogwa.
  33. Ongoing construction of Amaukwu/Umueze OGWA/Ogbommii/Ekeoha road.
  34. Ongoing construction of Ekeoha/Eke Atta road.
  35. Renovation of a block of Four Classrooms at Central School Nkwo Orodo.
  36. Construction of Classroom block at Comprehensive Secondary School, Ofekata.
  37. Installation of 500KVA/33 at Comprehensive Secondary School Ofekata.
  38. Construction of Solar powered borehole at Okwu Ikeduru.
  39. Construction of Laboratory and Principal’s office at Ugirike Technical school.
  40. Construction of Health center at Umuanu Ogwa.
  41. Renovation of Okwu Orodo Town Hall.
  42. Procurement and Installation of 500KVA/33 Transformer at Umunyali Timber and Allied Industrial Market, Mbieri.
  43. Construction of Classroom block at Comprehensive Secondary School, Amaukwu.
  44. Ongoing construction of MBAIKE Civic center, Nwaorieubi.
  45. Disbursement of Business Start up capital to MBAIKE women.
  46. Training of 10 MBAIKE Youths in Agro business at Nigeria Research Institute, Umudike, Abia State.
  47. Training of 63 MBAIKE Youths as Community Environmental monitors.
  48. Procurement and distribution of 60 Sewing machines to MBAIKE Women.
  49. Procurement and distribution of 20 grinding machines to MBAIKE Women.
  50. Procurement and distribution of 10 Hair dressing machines to MBAIKE Women.
  51. Training and Empowerment of 20 MBAIKE Youths in Agro business at Oyo State Polytechnic, Ibadan.
  52. Training and Empowerment of 20 Ikeduru Youths on Agro business at Delta State Polytechnic, Asaba.
  53. Procurement and distribution of 40 Motorcycles to ease transportation problems in MBAIKE.
  54. Procurement and distribution of seven Tricycles.
  55. Procurement and distribution of over 2,500 bags of Fertilizer.
  56. Provision of free medical treatment in Ogwa, Orodo, Ubomiri, Mbieri, Akabo, Iho, etc.
  57. Training of MBAIKE women as advocates of Anti domestic violence campaigners.
  58. Procurement and distribution of Food Palliatives, hand sanitizers, face shield during the COVID 19 shut down.
  59. Procurement and distribution of food and non food items to all the Autonomous Communities in MBAIKE.
  60. Donation of fund for the Energizing of Awo Mbieri Transformer at Nwaorieubi.
  61. Training and Empowerment of 33 MBAIKE Youths in Poultry farm at G Towers hotel, Owerri.
  62. Training of Science teachers and distribution of Science kits to 15 selected Secondary Schools in MBAIKE.
  63. Training of 41 MBAIKE Youths in phone and Laptop repairs at Nwaorieubi.
  64. Training and Empowerment of selected MBAIKE Young Ladies in Paltry and Confectionaries.
  65. Training and Empowerment of MBAIKE Women in Soap and detergent making.
  66. Securing Employment opportunities for at FUTO n POLYNEKED, Owerri, respectively.
  67. Secured CBN/NIRSAL MFB Loan for 15 MBAIKE Entrepreneurs for business Start up.
  68. Installation of of battery cage at Ohiri’s Farm, Odunmara for the training of MBAIKE Youths in Poultry farming.

These projects were attracted by Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba from the Federal Government, but he did not have a hand in their execution, or how money was disbursed for them. He also does not determine who the contractor is. All he does it to supervise and make sure the work is done for his people.

Rt Hon Henry Nwawuba, have also been able to attract jobs to the unemployed MBAIKE youths, and they include;

A. Facilitated the Employment/recruitment of (A) 15 MBAIKE Youths into the Nigeria NAVY
B. 3 into Nigeria Airforce.
C. 1 into Nigeria Civil defense corp.
D. 1 into Nigeria police.
E. 1 in Federal Min. of Environment.
F. 1in Nigeria Social insurance trust fund.
G. 1 in FMC Owerri.
H. 1 in University of Calabar teaching hospital.
I. 5 in National Assembly, Abuja.
L. 50 as direct Constituency Staff.

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