Uzodinma risk losing grips of all 3 Imo senators

… Owerri Zone Belongs TO PDP, Ihedioha

… In Loggerheads With Orlu Senator

… Not Sure Of Ibezim’s Victory

Except there is a last minute miracle, that would take place at the Supreme Court in favour of Mr. Frank Ibezim, who is challenging his perjury and certificate forgery at the Supreme Court, Senator Hope Uzodinma runs the risk of losing grip of the three Imo Senators.

Of the three senators representing the three zones in the State, Senator Ezenwa Onyewuchi of Owerri Zone is of the PDP, former Govenror and Senator, Rochas Okorocha representing Uzodinma’s zone Orlu, is at loggerheads with Uzodinma.

Uzodinma can only have a Senator loyal to him, in the person of Frank Ibezim, if Ibezim can find a way to jump the legal hurdles facing him.

Presently, he doesn’t appear to be jumping them successfully, following three court judgments, that affirmed the dubiousness of his documents, a matter which the Nigeria constitution views as a criminal offence.

Uzodinma’s problems in Okigwe, which now puts him in the precarious position of losing all the Senators in the state, started with his decision to stop Senator Ifeanyi Araraume from going to the Senate..

Ibezim was presented to Uzodinma by the junior Minister for Education, Chukwuemeka Nwajuba.

Invariably, Ibezim would be a Senator for both Uzodinma and Nwajiuba, if he should go to the Senate.

However, with Ibezim already losing three times in court over accusations of perjury and result falsification, tension has gripped the Uzodinma camp, as they fear he might not be able to overturn the judgement of the lower courts at the Supreme Court.

The implication of Ibezim losing at the Supreme court, would mean that Uzodinma, who did not make any contribution towards the emergence of the three senators in the state, would invariably not expect them to be of any help to his Government, especially as it concerns returning for second term bid.

Another implication of losing Ibezim, would mean that Uzodinma would not be privy to certain information at the National, hence non of the three would be his eye as 2023 elections are fast approaching.

To Ibezim, the implications are very dire, as he would be barred for life, from holding even the smallest public office.

An unfavourable verdict, would also likely give the PDP a free ride to the Senate.

Information available to MaaziTV, revealed that Frank Ibezim after losing perjury in Federal High Court, also lost two appeals at the Appeal Courts.

As he heads to the Supreme Court, legal practitioners doubt the possibility of upturning the judgement.

A few days ago, rumour had broken of a possible alliance between Okorocha and Nwajiuba, against Uzodinma.

None of the camps have made any formal confirmation, or denial of the rumour.

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