Hope Uzodinma needs Psychiatric test, Igbo youths insist

Some youths from the southeast region of Nigeria, Tuesday, said the recent arrest of Senator Rochas Okorocha and what transpired subsequently were a pointer that Imo State governor, Hope Uzodinma, lacks leadership savvy to lead a complex state like Imo.

The youths also called for mental checks on the governor to ascertain his psychological stability.

A civil engineer, Othniel Umunya, from Awka, Anambra State, told our correspondent that, “It goes beyond imagination how a governor of a state can flagrantly abuse the law. Why did Hope Uzodinma not resort to court to seal the property in question? That would have been the most legitimate way in handling that matter, rather than sending thugs to molest a sitting senator of the Federal Republic. I am ashamed, and I think that the way he stole himself to the Imo Government House makes him feel inferior, and his showmanship is a defence mechanism.”

In Enugu, Oliver Okeke, a youth leader in Aninri Local Government Area, is of the opinion that Gov Uzodinma had missed his steps by resorting to fighting Sen Okorocha.

According to him, “Okorocha governed the state for eight years without arresting his predecessors. Uzodinma has a lot to pursue rather than chasing the former governor, his family and their investments in the state. Who will go to Imo to invest under this vendetta? Worse still, Uzodinma demolishes what Okorocha built without rebuilding any. Eight years will be like a day. He may not even win his second term because his fame is waning. He owes pensions and gratuities.”

Okeke however praised Governor Uzodinma for resorting to military when members of the Eastern Security Network ‘became excessive’. In his view, “If truly the network killed some police operatives, then it has become the eastern Boko Haram in the making. One expects them to work with the police. Arrest terrorist herders and hand over to the police for prosecution. I read where the IPOB lawyer said the network is after terrorist herders. I advise Governor Uzodinma to tell the military the extent they can go before it turns into something else. Southeast governors should also emulate their counterparts in the southwest by creating a security organ like Amotekun.”

The youth leader of the Peoples Democratic Party in Imo State, Comrade Greg Nwadike, GOC, however, blamed the Imo imbroglio on injustice. He told our correspondent that, “There can’t be peace anywhere without justice. When a people are disgruntled, protests and grumblings, which lead to crises and confusion, become the order of the day. In such circumstances, peace becomes a stranger. But when people are treated fairly; when justice prevails, society becomes peaceful.

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