Okorocha alleges assassination attempt of hospitalised son-in-law

Chidiebube Okeoma , Owerri

A son -in- law to a former governor of Imo State , Uzor Anwuka, would be flown abroad for medical treatment , The PUNCH has learnt .

Anwuka , a son to a former minister of state for Education and ex – vice chancellor , Imo State University , Prof . Anthony Anwuka , was allegedly shot last Sunday when he accompanied his father -in- law , Rochas Okorocha , to unseal the Royal Spring Palm Estate , Owerri , sealed by the state government .

The multi- billion naira estate is said to be owned by Okorocha ’s wife , Nkechi Okorocha .

Uzor , an American -trained medical doctor, was allegedly shot in the left.

Speaking when Okorocha , who now represents Imo West at the Senate , visited him in the hospital, Uzor said he had undergone three surgeries without any success .

He said, “ On the day of the incident , my father- in-law called me that he was in Owerri to see his seized property and I drove down there to see him . On getting there , I saw a crowd of thugs led by one of the governor ’s cousins.

“ They had guns , cutlasses and other weapons ; they started harassing everyone , including my father- in-law ( Okorocha ) . It was when they were asked to round us up that they started shooting . I tried to climb the fence but I was hit by a bullet and I fell inside the bush .

“ I was there for several hours before I was rescued and brought to the hospital. I have been in this hospital for six days and my leg has been operated three times but it is not getting better . So, I will be going out to get a better treatment .

Reacting, Okorocha said , “ It is really sad; this is an assassination attempt , but I thank God he is alive . We have concluded arrangements with the hospital to move him out because they are suggesting that he may need some transplant , to cut some part , but we are hoping it will get better .

“ It was a horrible experience; the guys were sent to kill, because at a time , the hoodlums masked their faces and ( we ) could no longer know who is a policeman or a thug . Luckily, I spoke Hausa language to one of the policemen , who asked me to go and that nobody would touch me .

“ No arrest has been made; it was the people with me who were injured with machetes that were arrested , but for now , to save the life of my son – in-law is more important to me than any arrest . There was a beating galore against my people , but I ordered that nobody should shoot .”

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