Use Imo to Judge What Will Happen To Nigeria If Okororcha Becomes President, Lawyer Insists

Former governor of Imo State, and Senator representing Orlu zone in the Senate, Senator Owelle Rochas Anayo Okororcha, has yet again declared his interest for the top job in the country.

Okororcha is not a newcomer to the presidential race, having unsuccessfully contested the primaries of the All Nigeria People’s Party ANPP in 2003, and again unsuccessfully in 2007, under the PDP, having failed to become the Action Alliance AA Presidential candidate then, before his last attempt in 2015, where he lost to President Muhammadu Buhari.

An Owerri based legal practitioner, Obidike Nwagwu Esq, has reacted to Okororcha’s ambition, urging Nigerians to judge Okororcha’s performance, by his stewardship in Imo State.

Speaking to MaaziTV correspondent Mercy Anaele in Owerri, Nwagwu said, “There is an Igbo saying that goes thus, ‘Ana ama mma na ulo ma puwa ezi’, which means that Charity begins home. How did Rochas Okorocha fare as Imo governor for the eight years he was in power? How would he fare as President of Nigeria?

“Let’s look at Rule of Law first, which is my own area as a lawyer, before we delve into other areas. Did Okororcha obey any court order that wasn’t favourable to him, when he was governor of Imo State? There is the verdict from the 10,000 jobs, the Eke Ukwu injunction which he disobeyed and it led to the death of Somtochukwu. He is crying to the court over the plans to demolish his property, yet he didn’t obey the court, when he was ordered not to demolish Captain Iheanacho’s house, by the same court he is crying to today. People forget that power is transient.

“I can go on reeling out cases against him and his government, even one which he had with a former governor, and he disregarded them all. Now imagine somebody who doesn’t obey court rulings, is the Commander in Chief. What will become of our judicial system? Your guess is as good as mine.

“What about workers’ welfare and pensions. For eight years, Okororcha didn’t pay pensions in Imo State. Workers salaries were slashed, no allowance was paid. Now look at the bigger picture if he becomes the President of Nigeria.

“Infrastructurally Imo is a mess. Hope Uzodinma is building Imo from the scratch. In eight years, Rochas Okorocha took Imo back to 1970 before Mbakwe came and built the Imo, Abia, and part of Ebonyi you see today. There was no single motorable road in Imo State when Okororcha left office after eight years. Outsiders from other state can come and check it for themselves. The government media don’t know their job. Their first job would have been to capture Imo as it was when they took over, before they start work. You can imagine Okororcha shamelessly claiming Uzodinma’s projects. What project did he have in Imo State? Let him mention it. Now take this to the bigger picture and you see that Niger Bridge which he might be left to finish, would collapse. Nigeria will collapse.

“If you read the 281 page report from the Judicial Panel of Enquiry on lands, you’ll be shocked at the amount of Imo lands, this man and his family converted to themselves. What do you think he’ll do if he becomes president? He may sack the whole of a state and take over the lands.

“We are not talking about what he would do to the Senate and House of Representatives. All he needs is to have his stooges in the right places like he did in the Imo State House of Assembly, and Okororcha will rewrite the constitution to make himself life president. Yes! This is a man that loves power so much. Do you think he’ll just let it go after eight years? He tried to install his son-in-law Uche Nwosu in Imo State, to turn the state into his private property. What are you not saying? Give him the power of a nation, and he will turn this country into a monarchy.

“Poverty and hunger amongst our people, is why some people are still listening to him. In saner and more advanced climes, they know how to deal with this situation. I weep for Africa with such leaders. Just imagine.

“You are free to vote him, but I am an Igbo man, yet I will support Buhari a hundred times before I support Okororcha. Thank God I’m dusting my papers to go to Canada, I won’t be in this country to see this.”

Okororcha has been enjoying the support of some Northern groups in his presidential quest, but surprisingly his people in Imo State seem not to be enthusiastic about seeing him in Aso Rock.

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