PDP National Officer,Madu Blasts Iwuanyanwu Over Provocative Utterances

A National officer of the Peoples Democratic Party, PDP, Chief Madu Chinemerem, has lashed out at a Board member of the party, Chief Emmanuel Iwuanyanwu, over a recent statement credited to him, wherein he said he regrets voting for an Owerri man for Governor in the 2019 governorship election

Madu in a statement noted that in recent times, Chief Iwuanyanwu has “displayed perennial tendency to act on a whim by displaying political behavior characterized by little or no forethought, reflection, or consideration of its consequences”

He advised Iwuanyanwu to review his membership of the PDP or quit the party, stating that “he has struggled with message discipline and poor audience choices, and again, with much room for errors.”

Madu advised PDP members to be wary of the damage Chief Iwuanyanwu is causing the party through his unguarded utterances.

 “As long as all of us continue to provide him with unlimited free pass on and off demand, we may become complicit in the damage he’s causing himself, the PDP and the polity.

“Imo PDP and the people of Owerri Zone in general cannot keep standing around, thinking that Chief Iwuanyanwu will somehow notice that his size and intelligence are two different things and probably stop acting in provocative manner and indeed betraying his constituents and political party for his own self-interest” he stated

The PDP chieftain stated that whatever pushed Chief Iwuanyanwu to make such utterance is yet to deciphered, but rather has exposed him as superficial and inauthentic

“Whatever pushed Chief Iwuanyanwu, Chairman of Owerri Peoples Assembly to abandon his mandate and his people of Owerri zone to, publicly  declare a regret of his vote for Governor Ihedioha, from Owerri Zone, at a recent “road commissioning” ceremony organized by the illegitimate government of Imo State, is yet to be explained. 

“That speech fully exposed him as superficial and inauthentic, even before his new-found friends. They know he will still change, should power change hands, now or in the future. Chief Iwuanyanwu is eternally beholden to any government in power. There are proofs to this from previous administrations” Madu said

He reminded Chief Iwuanyanwu of the political feat achieved by former Governor of Imo State, Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, which changed the political system of the state.

“In 2019, Governor Emeka Ihedioha, in the history of Imo State, pulled off something that has changed the political system of the state. He led the party to win the entire 104 out of 105 Electoral Wards and all the 9 Local Government Areas in Owerri Zone.

“But Chief Iwuanyanwu’s bubble is too thick to recognize the world outside his window – that his one-man vote (though highly appreciated) and latter-day half support cannot eclipse the vast majority of votes and support Ihedioha earned from Imo people. He doesn’t understand the brand that is Ihedioha and the momentum following him.

Madu  said Chief Iwuanyanwu has been a benefactor of Ihedioha’s benevolence than any other leader in the PDP.

“It is on record, and I stand to be challenged that Chief Iwuanyanwu has benefitted from the sagacity, benevolence, capacity and friendship of Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha than any other leader in Imo State. Yet he has never spared any opportunity to show his ingratitude both to him, and to our great party, the PDP.

He noted that “ Chief Iwuanyanwu has sacrificed all pretense of a genuine Party man to an over weaning need for relevance and a complete capitulation to this moneyed incumbency.

“Chief Iwuanyanwu, some have argued, is a known local political bully. However, his unprovoked attacks on the PDP have gained no traction, but widespread derision. His penchant for giving undue allegiance to this morally challenged, Uzodimma led government risks further tarnishing his image and any known legacy.

“Chief wuanyanwu’s utterances have caused a lot of anger among our members. He has deliberately acted in manners that have brought to question, his loyalty to our party. “

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