Ihedioha: Is Nemesis Catching Up On Those Who Denied Imo People Their Voice?

This have been a question going on for sometime, since after the people of Imo State, were supposedly robbed of their mandate, through the Supreme Court, in one of the most controversial rulings, in the history of the country.

Seven men, led by Mohammed Tanko, the Chief Judge of the Federation, sat in judgement of Rt Hon Emeka Ihedioha, and the people of Imo State, as they decided that the fourth in an election, was the first.

It would have been more reasonable, if Uche Nwosu or Senator Ifeanyi Araraume were declared the winner, but when Hope Uzodinma’ s name was mentioned, the people of Imo State, are still trying to wake up from that shock till date.

Imo people protested, and a review was called, yet all fell on deaf ears.

A Supreme Court judge, Centus Nweze, was the lone voice, who warned his fellow judges, that their actions will have far- reaching consequences.

They still turned a deaf ear, and upheld their controversial ruling.

Imo people prayed. The people cast libations, the rained down curses on those who denied them their voice.

When one of the first victims of COVID- 19, in Nigeria, became the former Chief of Staff to the President, Mallam Abba Kyari, the people of Imo, instead of mourning, celebrated, and prayed the same fate on everyone who denied them their voice.

Justice Sylvester Ngwuta, one of the judges that upheld the verdict was to follow suit, at an age, he was supposed to enjoy his retirement. Today another judge seat on his judgment, and this time, it can never be corrupted.

Again, Imo people celebrated. To them, God was answering their cry.

The prolonged silence, on the health condition of the Chief Judge of Nigeria, Mohammed Tanko, is yet another matter, Imo people have failed to show any sympathy for him.

One begins to wonder, is their untimely exits from this world, as well as their uncertain health states, punishment for what they did to Ndi Imo? Did God hear their cries and bring His judgement on those responsible? Are we going to see even more woes in the household of those involved in the matter?

These are issues the Imo people are currently debating, as they hear the news of demise, and ill health of those involved in the Supreme Court ruling.

Even former governor Senator Rochas Okorocha, Senator Ifeanyi Araraume, and Uche Nwosu, who joined the conspiracy against Ihedioha, are not enjoying the best of times, as they are at dagger drawn with Uzodinma, with Okorocha gradually becoming a ” one week one embarrassment” , and Araraume fighting for political survive.

Philip Umeadi SAN, have provided an avenue, for the Supreme Court to redeem its integrity. So far, the Supreme Court is reluctant to hear his case.

Could a fair hearing to this suit, liberate others from the wrath of the people?

Imo people are waiting to find out.

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