IPOB Disorganised, Lacking Direction Since Kanu’s Arrest

There appears to be a disorganisation in the running of the Nnamdi Kanu led Indigenous People of Biafra IPOB, since the arrest of their leader by the Nigerian government in Kenya.

The way and manner Kanu himself was arrested and repatriated to Nigeria, exposed the lack of synergy and organisation in a group many believed to be very organised.

Until pictures of their leader was posted by Nigerian authorities on the internet, the group did not know he was missing, who exposed a lack of trust and organisation in the group.

Many had expressed their disappointment that a man of Kanu’ s standing, would be abducted so easily and bundled down to Nigeria, without any resistance, or even his people knowing he was missing.

A man of his capacity wasn’ t supposed to move around without trusted bodyguards which the monthly dues paid by IPOB members within and outside the country could have afforded him.

Coming to recent happenings in the group since Kanu’ s arrest, there seems to have been exposed, a total lack in direction by the current leadership of the group.

Announcing Simon Ekpa as the group’ s spokesperson, only to deny him barely a month after he took up the job, exposed disorganisation and disunity in the group.

Their recent confusion over the sit at home order have further exposed a total lack of direction of the group.

While the group had started the sit at home order earlier, it supposedly announced the discontinue of the order but despite their said announcement, the order continued, with some of their members enforcing the sit at home order, like in Orlu where students about to write their WAEC exams, were denied the chance to join other students of West Africa, to pursue their future.

If the group can give orders and the orders isn’ t transmitted properly to their foot soldiers, it goes to reveal a lack of control by Emma Powerful and other running the group at the moment, and this may lead to a total collapse of the group.

With the people of the South East already grumbling at the sit at home order, the people may soon see IPOB as their real enemy, instead of the Federal Government Nnamdi Kanu has been trying to make the people believe.

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