IPOB/ESN: The Pretence Is Over!


The Southeast is gradually turning to a killing field of sorts. Terrorists, holding out all kinds of claims and pretenses are steadily destroying Ala Igbo. Targeted killings, arson, looting, destruction and disruption of commercial activities are almost becoming daily occurrences in the once, most peaceful, safest and most hospitable geopolitical zone in Nigeria.

These killers and terrorists have evolved in the last six months into one of the most dangerous terrorist groups in the country.

First, they told us they were out to expel herdsmen from the forests of the Southeast, and we, innocently cheered them on, because, these terrorist herdsmen had become a most noxious torn on the fleshes of not just Ndigbo, but the entire Nigeria. However, Yours Sincerely, was one of those who felt and still feel that an illegal group of arm bearers shouldn’t be allowed to run the security of any civilized society. I voted for and will still vote for a regional security outfit, in the shape of Amotekun of the Southwest. Ebubeagu is what the governors named our own. I am wondering why it is taken eternity for this outfit to take off across the Southeast. I will stop wondering. The simple reason is that our governors haven’t shown the requisite political will to get this off the ground.

This apparent failure of leadership has emboldened this group of criminals, bandits and terrorists into going on a most obnoxious and unprecedented onslaught against our people. In trueness to their label, they have instilled chilling fear in our people, and most of our people have got no option but to fearfully obey them or even pretend to hail them.

They started with thoughtless assassination of security personnel, looting of arms, torching of police formations and targeted assassination of those connected with the Nigerian Armed Forces. They threaten and even kill, in the most horrendous style, our likes, who try to disagree with their murderous and criminal styles. They tag us, Fulani slaves, efulefus, born throwways, saboteur and such likes. In real sense, they best suit such descriptions. They are the worst set of enemies Ndigbo have seen since creation. At no time, have we had such homegrown set of terrorists, mindlessly destroying Igbo land, enslaving our brothers and sisters and claiming to be seeking for freedom for us. Never!

We have been too careful not to call them by name, not to be seen as opposed to them. For fear or for political convenience. I must confess that in the days following my election as the Deputy National Leader of Ohanaeze Ndigbo Worldwide-Youth Wing, I fell into that trap, though, deliberately. I felt, that we needed to get the attention and support of our people, before we could reeducate them on the dangers posed by the methods adopted by these hooligan invaders. I was mistaken. These goons are unteachable. You can’t have any logical discussion with them. If we continue to be too careful for too long, we would all be dead and destroyed before we are awake. If the fear is about death, I do not think we are truly alive when we can’t be free.

Some members of the political class, especially, those presently out of power, have been accused of complicity in these acts of terror. While there is yet to emerge any strong evidence linking any known political player with the sponsorship of these terrorist elements, there is no doubt about the reality that some prominent opposition politicians are enjoying the sad scenario, hence, instead of intervening or even speaking out, they send their media goons to celebrate any misfortune against their States from these terrorist elements. They consider it an embarrassment to those holding sway in the politics of their States, and believe they could exploit the unfortunate incidents to boost their electoral chances in future elections. This is the height of leadership irresponsibility.

Woe betide any Igbo who, for political convenience, financial safety or any such consideration watches in silence while this land is desecrated with the blood of innocent brothers and sisters of ours, by our own roguish brothers and sisters. Woe betide you, if you can do something, but fail to do that. Woe upon woe to you, if you have provided any assistance to these terrorists in their mindless destruction of our land.

Let me say that the pretence is over. As Onwuasoanya FCC Jones, a true born Igbo, as a humanist and an activist, I shall not mince words in calling out the perpetrators of this evil violence upon our land. I owe it to my generation and the next generation of Igbos to at least speak up, and even expose those behind the destruction of Ala Igbo.


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